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Essays & Studies 2019:

Slow Scholarship: Medieval Research and the Neoliberal University

ISBN: 9781843845386


A powerful claim for the virtues of a more thoughtful and collegiate approach to the academy today.

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This book offers a response to the culture of metrics, mass digitisation, and accountability (as opposed to responsibility, or citizenship) that has developed in higher education world wide, as exemplified by the UK's Research Excellence Framework exercise (REF), and the increasing bureaucracy that limits the time available for teaching, research, and even conversation and collaboration. Ironically, these are problems that will be solved only by academics finding the time to talk and to work together.
The essays collected here both critique the culture of speed in the neoliberal university and provide examples of what can be achieved by slowing down, by reclaiming research and research priorities, and by working collaboratively across the disciplines to improve conditions. They are informed both by recent research in medieval studies and by the problematic culture of twenty-first century higher education.
The contributions offer very personal approaches to the academic culture of the present moment. Some tackle issues of academic freedom head-on; others more obliquely; but they all have been written as declarations of the academic freedom that comes with slow thinking, slow reading, slow writing and slow looking and the demonstrations of its benefits.

CATHERINE E. KARKOV is Professor and Chair of Art History at the University of Leeds.

Contributors: Lara Eggleton, Karen Jolly, Chris Jones, James Paz, Andrew Prescott, Heather Pulliam

Publication date: September 2019

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