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2000: Reading the 'New' Literatures
edited by Susheila Nasta

1999: Postcolonial Theory and Criticism
edited by Laura Chrisman and Benita Parry

1998: Romanticism and Gender
edited by Anne Janowitz

1997: Translating Literature
edited by Susan Bassnett

1996: Poetry and Politics
edited by Kate Flint

1995: The Endings of Epochs
edited by Laurel Brake

1994: Feminist Linguistics in Literary Criticism
edited by Katie Wales

1993: Literature & Censorship
edited by Nigel Smith

1991: History and the Novel
edited by Angus Easson

1990: Fictional Space: Essays on Contemporary Science Fiction
edited by Tom Shippey

1989: English Economis'd: English and British Higher Education in the Eighties
edited by Martin Dodsworth

1988: Matthew Arnold: a Centennial Review
edited by Miriam Allott

1987: English and Cultural Studies: Broadening the Context
edited by Michael Green in association with Richard Hoggart 

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