COVID-19 publication alerts

We'll be updating this page with details of any impacts or disruptions caused by COVID-19 to the delivery of our publications.

Currently unaffected

The publication and delivery of the following publications is currently unaffected:

English 4-11
Essays & Studies
Use of English
Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory
Year's Work in English Studies

Publications that are currently affected


Our publishers – Oxford University Press – have been forced to take the decision to pause the printing of English due to the disruption to their supply and distribution chain caused by COVID-19. Therefore, for the moment, you will be able to access new issues of English online only. Once the disruption caused by the pandemic has eased, you will receive your hard copies by post as usual, including any back issues that we were unable to send out . We will continue to update you as we get more information from OUP.

I’ve not accessed English online before, how do I do it?

If you haven’t already accessed English online, details of how to do this are in the Publications area of this website.

You will need your OUP subscriber number, which unfortunately the EA cannot provide. Your subscriber number will be on the letter you received from OUP when you first joined the EA, or you can complete the online request form on OUP's website.

Problems accessing your online account?

As online access to these journals is supported by OUP, if you’re experiencing issues with online access, please contact OUP and they will be able to help.

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