Longer Poem Bookmarks

Row of bound books

These Bookmarks deal in about 3000 words with individual longer poems, and suggest approaches to them. A major advantage of this new series is that it allows students to approach poems of a substantial length and see how one might engage coherently with a whole text rather than simply referring to fragmented details of it. Bookmarks are written by both teachers and students of literature.

The following titles are available in the Longer Poem Series:

  1. G. M. Hopkins: The Wreck of the Deutschland: Peter Cash
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download (PDF, 285KB)   
  2. Robert Lowell: Life Studies: Peter Cash
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download (PDF, 323KB)  
  3. Alexander Pope: The Rape of the Lock: Peter Cash
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download (PDF, 320KB)  
  4. Alfred Tennyson: In Memoriam: Peter Cash
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download (PDF, 228KB)  
  5. A. E. Housman: A Shropshire Lad: Peter Cash
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download (PDF, 247KB)  
  6. T. S. Eliot: Prufrock and Other Observations: Peter Cash
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Download (PDF, 327KB)  
  7. Seamus Heaney : Death of a Naturalist: Peter Cash
    Adobe Acrobat (PDF)  Download (PDF, 294KB)



Bookmarks are now freely downloadable or can be purchased from the Association at £3.00 per copy.

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