Dickens Bookmarks

Charles Dickens

These Bookmarks have been launched as part of the run-up to the Dickens 2012 celebrations and deal in about 3000 words with individual works by Dickens. Bookmarks are written by both teachers and students of literature.

If you would be interested in contributing to the series, please contact the Series Editor, Ian Brinton.

The following titles are available:

  1. A Christmas Carol: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 189KB) 
  2. The Pickwick Papers: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 206KB)  
  3. Oliver Twist: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 181KB)  
  4. David Copperfield: Martin Blocksidge
    Download (pdf 181KB)  
  5. Our Mutual Friend: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 196KB)  
  6. The Old Curiosity Shop: Elaine Harris
    Download (pdf 312KB)  
  7. Nicholas Nickleby: Joan Dicks
    Download (pdf 203KB)  
  8. Bleak House: Pamela Bickley
    Download (pdf 227KB)  
  9. Dombey and Son: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 99KB)  
  10. Little Dorrit: Allan Ronald
    Download (pdf 195KB) 
  11. Hard Times: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 179KB)
  12. Great Expectations: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 178KB)
  13. Martin Chuzzlewit: Allan Ronald
    Download (pdf 198KB)
  14. The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Allan Ronald
    Download (pdf 176KB)
  15. Barnaby Rudge: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 179KB)
  16. A Tale of Two Cities: Ian Brinton
    Download (pdf 232KB)

Bookmarks are now freely downloadable or can be purchased from the Association at £3.00 per copy.

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