Original Bookmark Series

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The Original Bookmark series is intended to supplement the enthusiasm of the literature teacher and student in secondary school and to provide additional independent resources for readers wanting to broaden their engagement with literature.

Each Bookmark deals in about 3000 words with three or four readily accessible texts, and suggests approaches to them, challenging the non-specialist reader of 16+ with suggestions for further exploration in plays, novels, poetry or criticism. Bookmarks are written by both teachers and students of literature.


  1. The Modern Short Story: Peter Banham
    Texts covered: The Penguin Book of Short Stories
  2. Modern Drama: Victor Hext
    Texts covered: Pinter - The Caretaker; Brecht - The Life of Galileo; Shaffer - Amadeus
  3. Three Renaissance Writers: Roy Booth
    Texts covered: Marlowe - Dr Faustus; Webster - The Duchess of Malfi; Donne - Songs and Sonets
  4. The Victorian Novel: Martin Blocksidge
    Texts covered: Dickens - Great Expectations; Bronte - Jane Eyre; Eliot - The Mill on the Floss; Hardy - Jude the Obscure  
    Download now (PDF, 104KB)
  5. Novels Set in India: John Tough
    Texts covered: Kaye - The Far Pavilions; Masters - Bhowani Junction; Forster - A Passage to India
  6. Emily Dickinson: Peter Cash
    A close reading of thirteen poems   
    Download now (PDF, 253KB)
  7. Novels Set in Africa: Grahame Addecott
    Texts covered: Elaversi - Burning Grass; Achebe - Things Fall Apart; Lessing - The Grass is Singing; Thiong'o - Weep Not Child  
    Download now (PDF, 98KB)
  8. Three Northern Irish Poets: Charles Bennett
    Authors covered: Mahon; Heaney; Longley  
    Download now (PDF, 99KB)
  9. Novels Set in Ancient Greece and Rome: Grahame Addecott
    Texts covered: Renault - The King Must Die; Graves - I, Claudius; Massie - Augustus  
    Download now (PDF, 95KB)
  10. Post War British Theatre: James Hansford
    Texts covered: Beckett - Waiting for Godot; Bond - Saved; Churchill - Top Girls  
    Download now (PDF, 110KB)
  11. Some First World War Poets: Lisa Broadway
    Poets covered: Rupert Brooke; Wilfred Owen; Siegfried Sassoon; Isaac Rosenberg; Robert Graves   
    Download now (PDF. 99KB)
  12. Aspects of the French Novel: David Taylor
    Texts covered: Madame de Lafayette - The Princesse de Cleves; Gide - Strait is the Gate, The Immoralist; Perec - W, or the Memory of Childhood  
    Download now (PDF, 96KB)
  13. Some Novels from South Africa: Grahame Addecott
    Texts covered: Gordimer - A World of Strangers; Paton - Cry, the Beloved Country; Coetzee - Age of Iron
    Download now (PDF, 99KB)
  14. Biography and Autobiography: David Bradshaw
    Texts covered: White and Gribbin - Stephen Hawking; Cadogan - The Woman Behind William: Richmal Crompton; Angelou - I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings   
    Download now (PDF, 107KB)
  15. The Poems of Thomas Hardy: Peter Cash
    A close reading of twenty-six poems
    Download now (PDF, 297KB)
  16. Philip Larkin: Andrew Swarbrick 
    Download now (PDF, 104KB)
  17. Stylistics: Linguistics for the Student of Literature: Ean Taylor
    Texts covered: Wales - A Dictionary of Stylistics; Blake - An Introduction to the Language of Literature; Leech and Short - Style in Fiction  
    Download now (PDF, 102KB)
  18. John Fowles: Mary-Anne Harrington
    Texts covered: The Collector; The French Lieutenant's Woman 
    Download now (PDF, 110KB)
  19. E.M. Forster: Kate Gould
    Texts covered: A Room with a View; Howards End   
    Download now (PDF, 11KB)
  20. Iris Murdoch's Early Novels: Hilda D. Spear
    Texts covered: Under the Net; The Bell; An Unofficial Rose  
    Download now (PDF, 104KB)
  21. Isaac Rosenberg and Keith Douglas: Louise Williams 
    Download now (PDF, 188KB)
  22. The Heroines of Barbara Pym: Emma Gardiner
    Texts covered: Excellent Women; Less Than Angels; A Glass of Blessings   
    Download now (PDF, 106KB)
  23. Three Jewish American Novels: Stephen Wade
    Texts covered: Bellow - Herzog; Potok - The Chosen; Roth - Goodbye, Columbus  
    Download now (PDF, 103KB)
  24. Three Tragic Novels of Thomas Hardy: Alma Evers
    Texts covered: The Mayor of Casterbridge; The Return of the Native; Tess of the d'Urbervilles  
    Download now (PDF, 103KB)
  25. Three Eighteenth Century Authors: Martin Blocksidge
    Texts covered: Swift - Gulliver's Travels; Pope - The Rape of the Lock; Johnson - Selected Writings  
    Download now (PDF, 105KB)
  26. The Lyrics of A.E. Housman: Sarah Buckley 
    Download now (PDF, 174KB)
  27. Four Gothic Tales: Thomas Craig
    Texts covered: Walpole - The Castle of Otranto; Shelley - Frankenstein; Poe - The Fall of the House of Usher; Stoker - Dracula
  28. Anthony Burgess: Rob Spence
    Texts covered: A Clockwork Orange; Nothing Like the Sun; Earthly Powers  
    Download now (PDF, 100KB)
  29. Travel Writing: Tom Wharton
    Texts covered: The Best of Granta Travel; Waugh - When the Going Was Good; Robinson - Unsuitable for Ladies
    Download now (PDF, 101KB)
  30. Understanding Shakespearean Tragedy with Aristotle: Louisa Dreisin
    Texts covered: Aristotle - Poetics; Shakespeare's Tragedies; Sophocles - Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus  
    Download now (PDF, 106KB)
  31. The Poetry of Charles Tomlinson: Ian Brinton 
    Download now (pdf)
  32. W.H. Auden: Poems of the 1930s: Ian Parks 
    Download now (PDF, 96KB)
  33. Three Middleton Tragedies: Paul Dean
    Texts covered: The Revenger's Tragedy; Women Beware Women; The Changeling  
    Download now (PDF, 105KB)
  34. The Poetry of Edward Thomas: Ian Brinton 
    Download now (PDF, 112KB)
  35. The Lyrics of Laurie Lee: Peter Cash
    Texts covered: The Sun My Monument, The Bloom of Candles, My Many-Coated Man
    Download now (PDF, 97KB)
  36. Three Novels of William Faulkner: William Woodrow
    Texts covered: As I Lay Dying; The Unvanquished; Go Down Moses  
    Download now (PDF, 103KB)
  37. To and from Rome: John Donne, Gerard Manley Hopkins and Robert Lowell as Catholic Writers: Anthony Haynes  
    Download now (PDF, 107KB)
  38. The Poetry of John Clare: John Wareham  
    Download now (PDF, 108KB)
  39. Classical and Modern - Reading with Fresh Understanding: Louisa Dreisin  
    Download now (PDF, 106KB)
  40. Birds, Beasts and Flowers: Poems of D.H. Lawrence: John Wareham  
    Download now (PDF, 111KB)
  41. Cool Britannia? Three Plays About Modern Britain: Chris Megson
    Texts covered: Racing Demon; Murmuring Judges; The Absence of War, by David Hare  
    Download now (PDF, 105KB)
  42. The Novels of Graham Swift: Ian Brinton
    Texts covered: Waterland; Last Orders  
    Download now (PDF, 105KB)
  43. Arthur Miller's Drama: Mark Leech
    Texts covered: All My Sons; Death of a Salesman; A View from the Bridge; The Price; The Last Yankee 
    Download now (PDF, 103KB)
  44. Samuel Beckett: Ian Brinton
    Texts covered: Molloy; Malone Dies; The Unnamable  
    Download now (PDF, 106KB)
  45. W.B. Yeats: Declan Kiely  
    Download now (PDF, 101KB)
  46. Ted Hughes: Peter Cash
    Texts covered: The Thought-Fox, The Horses, Hawk Roosting, An Otter 
    Download now (PDF, 205KB)
  47. Ernest Hemingway: William Woodrow
    Texts covered: Fiesta (The Sun Also Rises); A Moveable Feast; The Old Man and the Sea
  48. U.A. Fanthorpe: Kathleen Bell  
    Download now (PDF, 105KB)
  49. Tony Harrison: David Thorley  
    Download now (PDF, 100KB)
  50. Ivor Gurney: Hugh Underhill  
    Download now (PDF, 99KB)
  51. Pat Barker's 'Regeneration' Trilogy: Hilda D. Spear  
    Download now (PDF, 106KB)
  52. Robert Graves: the Love Poems: Ian Parks
  53. The African Short Stories of Muriel Spark: Abdel-Moneim Aly  
    Download now (PDF, 102KB)
  54. Sylvia Plath: William Woodrow  
    Download now (PDF, 108KB)
  55. The Poetry of R.S. Thomas: Malcolm Hebron  
    Download now (PDF, 106KB)
  56. Three Regional Poets: George Mackay Brown, Norman Nicholson and R.S. Thomas: William Woodrow 
    Download now (PDF, 109KB)
  57. Carol Ann Duffy: Peter Cash
    Texts covered: Selected Poems; The World's Wife  
    Download now (PDF, 188KB)
  58. Restoration Comedies: Peter Cash
    Texts covered: Wycherley - The Country Wife; Etherege - The Man of Mode; Aphra Behn - The Rover; Vanbrugh - The Relapse; Congreve - The Way of the World; Farquhar - The Recruiting Officer; The Beaux' Stratagem  
    Download now (PDF, 113KB)
  59. Robert Frost: Peter Cash
    A close reading of sixteen poems
    Download now (PDF, 259KB)
  60. The Poetry of Basil Bunting: Ian Brinton 
    Download now (PDF, 115KB)
  61. Shelley and Revolution: Ian Parks  
    Download now (PDF, 101KB)
  62. Edmund Blunden and the Georgian Dilemma: Rennie Parker  
    Download now (PDF, 102KB)
  63. Crossing the Sexual Divide: Catherine Belsey
    Texts covered: Virginia Woolf - Orlando, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, The Merchant of Venice 
    Download now (PDF, 103KB)
  64. Raymond Carver: Peter Cash
    Texts covered: They're Not Your Husband, The Student's Wife, So Much Water So Close To Home, Jerry and Molly and Sam, The Ducks, Tell the Women We're Going, How About This? 
    Download now (PDF, 170KB)
  65. Wilfred Owen: Peter Cash
    Poems covered: The Sentry, Exposure, Dulce et Decorum Est, Anthem for Doomed Youth, Futility, Insensibility, The Send-Off, Strange Meeting, The Last Laugh 
    Download now (PDF, 272KB)
  66. Gerard Manley Hopkins: Peter Cash
    Poems covered: As Kingfishers Catch Fire . . ., The Windhover, Binsey Poplars, Spring, Pied Beauty, Hurrahing in Harvest, The Starlight Night, Felix Randal, I Wake and Feel, Thou Art Indeed Just, Lord
    Download now (PDF, 274KB)
  67. Alfred Tennyson: Peter Cash
    A close reading of fourteen poems
    Download now (PDF, 307KB)
  68. Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness : Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF, 281KB)
  69. Tennessee Williams: A Streetcar Named Desire: Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF, 347KB)
  70. John Steinbeck: Tortilla Flat and Cannery Row
    Appendix: Of Mice and Men:
    Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF, 350KB)
  71. Laurie Lee: Cider With Rosie: Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF, 277KB)
  72. John Cheever Stories: Part 1: Paul Dean
    Download now (PDF 189KB)
  73. John Cheever Stories: Part 2: Paul Dean
    Download now (PDF 193KB)
  74. The Early Work of Geoffrey Hill Part 1: For the Unfallen: J.D. Hughes
    Download now (PDF 219KB)
  75. The Early Work of Geoffrey Hill Part 2: King Log: J.D. Hughes
    Download now (PDF 221KB)
  76. Pre-1915 GCSE Poems: Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF 389KB)
  77. Post-1915 GCSE Poems: Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF 353KB)
  78. Raymond Chandler: The Big Sleep: Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF 184KB)
  79. D.H. Lawrence: Six Animal Poems: Peter Cash
    Download now (PDF 305KB)

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