Guidelines for contributors to English 4-11

Article length : We are looking for articles between 1,000 and 3,000 words.

Illustrations : We welcome photographs/graphics that are relevant to the article. It is easier for us if these are emailed separately as .jpgs. Please note that we need parental permission to include photographs of children. A Photography Permission Form is available on request.

House Style : You can refer to published English 4-11 articles for guidance on style of writing and use of references, both within and at end of the text. A 'House Style' sheet is also available on request. Please ask if you would like to be sent a back copy of the journal.

Deadlines for submission : Copy Dates are 15 December, 15 March and 15 August.

How to submit your article : Send the final draft of your article, preferably by email, to Dami Oyinlola or by post to: English 4-11, English Association, University of Leicester, Leicester, LE1 7RH. Please include the following details with your submission: Name, Email, Tel, Address, Title of article, Author description (eg John Brown, Teaching Assistant, Year 5, Merrifield Primary School, Preston) or enclose an English 4-11 Article Submission Form (available on request).

What happens next? : Your article will be considered by the Editorial Board of the journal. After the Board has met you will be contacted by one of the Editors to let you know whether or not your article has been accepted for publication. Alternatively, the Editor may suggest some amendments to the article before it is ready for publication or for re-presenting to the Editorial Board.

Free Subscription : If your article is accepted for publication you will be eligible for one year’s free subscription to English 4-11. Once you are given a publication date you will need to complete a Contributor’s Free Subscription Form (available on request).

Publication : On publication, you will be sent four complimentary copies of the journal. Additional copies can be purchased from the English Association.

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