Proposed College of Teaching - Response to Consultation

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The English Association's response to the DfE Consultation

‘A world-class teaching profession’ : a response to the DfE consultation document by the English Association

The English Association is a subject association in possession of a royal charter and, amongst its many activities, it represents English subject practitioners in all educational sectors (from primary to HE, and both state and independent). Like the other chartered subject associations (Science, Mathematics, Geography and History) it is also responsible for awarding the status of Chartered Teacher (in this case Chartered Teacher of English, or CTE).

CTE status acknowledges distinction in the field of English teaching. It confers this distinction not only in recognition of a high level of general expertise in the subject, but in the expectation of an on-going commitment on the part of its holders to their own professional development. It aims to raise the status of English teaching as a professional activity and to set its holders at the forefront of this profession.

The English Association warmly supports the creation of a College of Teaching and finds its long-term aspirations for the teaching profession to be entirely in keeping with its own. The Association indeed hopes that the College will be able to build on the work which it and the other subject associations have already done in enhancing the status of their members. Indeed, the Association would see an on-going partnership between the College and the subject associations to be of great potential benefit to all the parties concerned, and to the teaching profession as a whole. The existing chartered teacher schemes, will, we hope, be a principal way through which subject expertise and relevant CPD are both provided and accredited. The generality of CPD programmes in recent years has tended to neglect subject-specific matters, and the establishment of the College would encourage the subject associations to reverse this trend and to offer teachers greater opportunities to reflect on the most important part of their work and develop both their skills and knowledge as a result.

Working with the subject associations, we would hope that the College would offer its own endorsement to those teachers who already hold Chartered Teacher status. More significantly we would also hope that the subject associations’ chartered status would be adopted by the College as the accepted quality mark of professional achievement and that acquisition of this status would thereby be encouraged.

The English Association has already been in communication with representatives of the Prince’s Trust and the College of Teachers. Needless to say, we would be more than happy to contribute to further discussions on a matter which we view as of great significance to the future of the teaching profession to the enhancement of whose standing we are strongly committed.

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