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Lord Randolph Quirk


Lord Quirk -  remembered by many simply as Randolph Quirk - was one of the most distinguished and respected academics in the field of English Linguistics of the past century. It is indeed fifty years since he became Quain Professor of English Language and Literature at UCL. Later, he was for a period Vice-Chancellor of London University. He was also the Patron of the English Association, and with his death just before Christmas, the EA has  lost a very good friend.

Never wanting to interfere in the running of the Association, but always interested in what was happening in school and HE English Departments, until very recently Lord Quirk would contact the EA office to ask what were the current pressing questions affecting the health of English teaching, and would use our responses as the basis for questions in the House of Lords, where he sat as a cross-bencher. Ministerial replies would then be fed back to Helen Lucas, and these often informed subsequent discussion in meetings of the EA’s committees.

The Trustees will consider possible successors to Lord Quirk at the next meeting of the EA Board. Meanwhile, a fuller appreciation of Lord Quirk’s career and achievements will be published in the next Newsletter.

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