D.H. Lawrence: Six Animal Poems, by Peter Cash available for free download now

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D.H. Lawrence: Six Animal Poems, by Peter Cash available for free download now

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The newest in our Bookmarks series concentrates on six animal poems by D.H. Lawrence. Peter Cash writes:

D. H. Lawrence wrote enough prose – both creative and critical – for us to know that he was nothing if not intellectually challenging: in writing verse without regard for the conventional controls of rhyme and metre, he knew that he was inviting critical opprobrium and scorn ...  In many places, his verse deserves it, for there can be a tedium about his re-statements ‘of image and idea’, not least where his lines are unjustifiably wayward: either too short to repay attention or too long ever to grab hold of it.  This Bookmark concentrates on six poems in which his language lifts its subject-matter to fresh heights and his line-length is expressive: in these cases, if not in others, his achievement is considerable and lasting.  In his finest pieces, Lawrence brings to his descriptions of creatures a new way of writing that complements their graces and respects their idiosyncrasies. Although his line-lengths are erratic, he is never without a verbal plan: he is a resourceful recycler of metonyms, makes an art of the strategic deployment of adjectives and imports from his own prose a functional use of rhythm.

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