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Updating post about the EA's response

We are aware of the heightened risk caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and are taking steps to keep our staff and members safe.

This post will be updated as necessary.

The team

We are following government advice, and have decided to work remotely until 27 April 2020. This period of remote working will be reviewed regularly, and may be extended, depending on circumstances. We expect that there will be an adjustment period, so please be patient if there is any delay in our response to email or phonecalls.

The best way to contact the team remains via; this inbox is monitored 09:00 - 17:00 Mon - Fri.

updated 17 March 2020

English: Shared Futures

Dear friends and colleagues,

The time has come to share with you the disappointing,  but probably widely anticipated, news that E:SF is being postponed for this year. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm for the conference, and all the work you will already have put into it.

However, that work will not be wasted: our plan is essentially to transpose the conference in its current form to the end of June/beginning of July next year, and we obviously hope that as many of you as possible will still want to take part. Your papers are already accepted. In addition, we will open another CFP in the Autumn and also give you the chance to change, adapt or update your proposals for ESF 2021.

In the meantime, however, please keep 26-28 June 2020 free in your diaries, as we'll be holding a series of on-line events. You'll be able to hear from our plenary speakers (Jennifer Smith, Devyani Sharma, David Adger, Lyndsey Stonebridge, and Kate Clanchy), as well as many of our salon interviewers and interviewees. We'll also be featuring some of the conference's key areas of debate, and considering some of the new conditions that will be concerning all of us in the months to come. Before June 2021, with the EA, we hope to be holding one or two of the 'Action On...' events, probably online. We are also hoping to curate work on our website. In addition, throughout the year, there will be a series of  Fringe events that you can access through the web-site.

In terms of practicalities, you can see information about hotel cancellations/postponements below. Everyone who's already booked tickets for the conference itself will be fully reimbursed.

We'll be posting information about the postponement and about new events on the web-site, and on twitter and Facebook, so do keep an eye on those spaces. Can convenors of panels please ensure that you let all of your panellists know what's happening, as we don't necessarily have their individual e-mail addresses.

There will be more details soon about upcoming events which we really hope you will participate in. It's extremely sad to think that we won't be seeing you en masse and in person in June, but E:SF will continue and we'll look forward to hearing from you during the year, and we hope to see you in June 2021. Thanks again for all your collegiality and support, and particular thanks to Becky Fisher and her colleagues in the English Association office for their absolutely brilliant work.

With our very best wishes,

The E:SF Organisers

Hotel bookings

If you have booked or are planning to book accommodation at one of the hotels that is offering a special rate to E:SF delegates, please note that (a) if a government mandate comes into effect that prevents E:SF from taking place, delegates will be refunded the cost of the booking by the hotel; (b) if a specific hotel is affected by COVID-19, delegates will be offered an alternative, or can choose not to take up the booking and accept a full refund from the hotel; and (c) if E:SF is cancelled but the hotel(s) is(are) not affected, the cost of the booking will not be refunded.

Please keep an eye out for updates to the ES:F website. If you have any urgent concerns, please contact us on

updated 23 March 2020

Awards Ceremony and Annual General Meeting

At time of writing, we are intending to proceed with the Ceremony and AGM as planned. Please keep an eye on this post for updates.

added 17 March 2020

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