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All membership packages include access to the relevant publications listed below. Individual packages also include free / reduced rate attendance at EA events, whereas institutional memberships include free / reduced rates for one member of staff at that institution.

Calendar Year Memberships January - December 2020

Package Newsletter





Basic Y £32 / $64
Ordinary Y Y £164 / $328
Full Y Y Y Y £381 / $763
Full + Y Y Y Y Y £476 / $942
Essays & Studies Y Y £34 / $70
Year's Work Package Y Y Y £313 / $594
YWES Y Y £217 / $412
YWCCT Y Y £121 / $232

Academic Year Memberships September 2020 - August 2021

Package Newsletter English 4-11 Use of English Cost**
English 4-11 Y Y £30 / $60
Use of English Individual Y Y £43 / $86
Use of English Institution Y Y £69 / $138

Schools Package 2020 (UK Schools only)

This membership package offers a discounted rate for access to the publications below, and free / reduced rates for EA events for one member of staff at your school.

Package Newsletter English* Essays & Studies Use of English Cost**
Schools Y Y Y Y £150

Memberships for students and early career teachers

Student and Early Career Teacher memberships are available to:

  • People currently studying for an English Studies related qualification - people on this this grade can subscribe to it for up to three years
  • Early career teachers - people on this grade can subscribe to it for up to two years

All grades include the Newsletter, plus a choice of either English, Use of English or English 4-11. The subscription year for these grades runs alongside the calendar year (1st January to 31st December).

Interested in joining the EA? Apply using the online application form.

For more information about student membership, please select the relevant membership benefits leaflet below:

**Package Costs

£ UK & Europe only US $ Rest of World / Postage & Packing Included

Please note, claims for any missing issues of publications need to be made to the EA within one year of the publication date.

Other membership packages may be available on application - please email us

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