How are my membership fees spent?

The EA’s aim is to support the teaching, learning, and enjoyment of English at all levels of education, and your membership fees enable us to do this. Examples of what your membership fees fund include:

  • Creating resources to support your career, interests and studies. These resources include the publications you subscribe to, our new website which we will be launching soon, the events we run, and the free networking sessions we offer to our members and Fellows.
  • Opportunities for members and Fellows to directly impact on English Studies, for example, by taking up positions on EA boards and committees, contributing to EA publications, leading our Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and speaking at EA events. We are also looking into how we can reinvigorate our Regional Groups, which we hope will be led by our members and Fellows, and providing Student Representative opportunities to our student members.
  • Celebrating English’s role as an essential element in education and the community at large via our prestigious programme of awards and our Fellowship scheme.
  • Driving positive and meaningful change by responding to national consultations, carrying out research exploring the state of our discipline, and working with government and policy-makers.
  • Supporting external projects that benefit the discipline. For example, we are one of the partners leading the national poetry recitation competition, Poetry By Heart, and we are often invited to support bids for research funding.

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