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Why should I join The English Association (EA)?

As a member, you’ll have access to resources to support your career and studies, and to help you to balance your workload with creativity and flexibility.

Membership of the Association includes:

  • Subscription to your chosen publication(s)
  • Access to all of our new and existing resources for members
  • Access to the EA’s Newsletter – produced three times per year, the Newsletter contains topical articles, news items, and interviews from across English Studies, and updates about The English Association itself and its activities
  • Reduced rates for conferences and events
  • The chance to join your local regional group

The English Association also has dedicated Boards and Education Committees, who are partly funded by the income brought in by membership fees. These Boards and Committees work to promote and have an impact on English (speaking, listening, reading, writing and multi-modal communication) both nationally and internationally. The Committees also curate high quality resources, promote linked, research-informed pedagogies, and act as a forum for sharing best practice and high-quality literature at all ages.

Other benefits of membership of the Association include:

  • Unity and voice

The English Association brings together individuals with a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for English. We foster discussion of teaching methods and respond to national issues, contributing to government and other consultations on English.

The English Association is, in essence, the collective voice for English Studies! In times of funding cuts and decreasing numbers of students studying English-related subject, the Association is here to make sure your voice is heard. The more involvement you have, the brighter the future looks for English Studies; not only for you and your career, but for all English-related disciplines. Membership of the EA is an ideal way to become involved and to make your voice heard.

Members can also join our committees and make a major contribution to The English Association, and to English Studies education as a whole. In return, you’ll be given access to unique opportunities to network, and to influence the development of these committees’ research and activity.

  • Networking

We provide a forum for the discussion of practice and principles in the teaching and learning of English at all levels, and membership provides the opportunity to network with colleagues and leading practitioners. You also receive membership of your local Regional Group when you join the EA.

  • Resources

All members have access to our curated collection of high-quality teaching resources. Our publications offer a forum for sharing best practice and exploring research-informed pedagogies, and you are able to pick which publications you want to subscribe to based on your own individual interests upon joining the Association.

More information about our different publications is available in the Publications section of our website.

How do I join?

Interested in joining? Visit the membership section of the website to see the EA's different membership packages and to complete the short application process.

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