Fellowship Nomination

Please use this form for all nominations for English Association Fellowships. Nominations will only be accepted from Fellows, Corresponding Fellows or members of Association committees.

Please check the list of Current Fellows before making your nomination. Nominees should not be informed of their nomination.

Nominations will be considered three times per year, in November, March, and May. You can submit a nomination at any time, and it will be considered at the next meeting.

The English Association is committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion. All members of the Association are assured the right of equitable, fair and respectful treatment. We adopt the principle of diversity and equality in our organisational structures and in all of our policies and activities. We also use our influence as an organisation to promote this principle in the subject community at large.

*What information are we collecting?* This form will collect information about you (your name, email address, current institution, and relationship to the nominee) and the nominee (their name, email address, current institution, and your statement of support). * Why are we collecting this information?* Your name and email address will help us to get in touch with you if we need more information about your nomination. The nominee's name and email address will be used to contact them if their nomination is approved by the Committee. We need to know your current institution and the nominee's current institution to make sure that you are based in different institutions, in accordance with the Fellowship regulations. Your statement of support will be used by the Fellowship Committee to review your nomination. *How will we use your data?* The data you submit will be seen only by members of the Fellowship Committee as they review the nominations. *How long will we keep your data?* We will keep these data for as long as the nominee is a member. If the nomination is rejected by the Fellowship Committee, we will retain the data until the next nomination cycle. *What are your rights?* You have the right to access, view and edit the information we have collected from you. You have the right to be forgotten, which means your nomination can be deleted. By clicking 'submit' you have given consent for us to use the data you submit as described above. If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, please email us on engassoc@le.ac.uk.

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