Term 1 - Provisional Timetable

Please see the PROVISIONAL timetable for In-sessional language support courses in Term 1 (October - December) below.

Days and times are PROVISIONAL and may be subject to change.

Timetable for Term 2 (January - March) and Term 3 (May- June) will be available later in the year.

Undergraduates | Taught Postgraduates | Postgraduate Researchers | Specific Skills

CourseDate & Time
EL3000 for International Undergraduates Wed 2-4pm
Wed 4-6pm
Taught Postgraduates
EL7000 for Postgraduates Tue 5-7pm
Wed 5-7pm
EL7005 (Sci) for Science Postgraduates Mon 5-7pm
EL7080 English for Maths Wed 5-7pm
EL7100 Business Mon 1-3pm
Mon 3-5pm
Tue 10am-12noon

Tue 3-5pm
Wed 11am-1pm
Wed 12noon-2pm
Thu 10am-12noon
Thu 3-5pm
EL7200 Media Mon 9-11am
Wed 9-11am
Wed 1-3pm
Fri 11am-1pm
EL7210 Academic Reading Circle for Media (ARC) Thu 4-6pm
EL7300 Education (TESOL) Wed 2-4pm
EL7350 Education (MAIE) Tue 2-4pm
EL7500 Law Wed 5-7pm
EL7600 Museum Studies Mon 3-5pm
EL7600 Art Museum and Gallery Studies Tue 3-5pm
Postgraduate Researchers
EL7700 (CSSAH)
for Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities PGR Students
Mon 1-3pm
EL7700 (CMBSP & CSE)
for Medicine, Biological Sciences & Psychology and Science & Engineering PGR Students
Tue 5-7pm
Specific Skills
EL7040 Grammar Tue 3-5pm
Wed 10am-12noon
EL7060 Speaking Tue 3-5pm
Thu 10am-12noon
EL7070 Vocabulary Tue 3-5pm
Wed 10am-12noon
EL7090 English for Employment Tue 5:30-7:30pm
Thu 5:30-7:30pm

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