English language support courses and classes for international undergraduate students at the University of Leicester

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If your are not sure which support is suitable for you, please contact us by emailing insessional@le.ac.uk.

Course / SupportWho is it for?When?

English Language for International Undergraduates

You would like to continue developing your academic English by studying a language support course.

Starting in October & January

Academic English for Specific Skills:
EL7040 Grammar
EL7060 Speaking
EL7070 Vocabulary

You would like to develop your English by focusing on a specific skill.

Starting in October, November, January & February

Academic Writing Lectures

You have not done a course at the ELTU, or you are unsure about what academic writing is.

Starting in October
English for Employment

This course is open to all non-native English speaking international students. To prepare for work placement, summer internships and employment.

Starting in November

Writing Consultation

You have completed a draft of an academic assignment and would like feedback from an English language tutor.

Available October to June

Virtual Self-Access Centre (VSAC)

You are looking for online resources to help you to develop your academic English.

Available all year

Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses

You have already reached a high level in English but you would like to continue studying and gain a qualification.

Starting in October, January & April

Learning Development Workshops You are a native speaker of English or you are confident in your academic English. You would like support to develop your Academic skills. See website

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Arrival information for Pre-sessional Students

Information for Pre-sessional Programme Module B, C and D students starting on 9 April 2018.

Arrival info

Next Courses

Pre-sessional Programme

Apply now for full-time English Study starting in April 2018.

  • Module BCD (30 weeks) - entry requirement IELTS 4.5
  • Module CD (20 weeks) - entry requirement IELTS 5.0
  • Module D (10 weeks) - entry requirement IELTS 5.5