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  • For all general enquiries regarding courses and services provided by the ELTU, please email
  • For individual members of staff and their responsibilites, please see below.
  • Rooms prefixed 'RH' are at Readson House. Rooms prefixed 'PH' are in Prospect House.

Managerial and Administrative Roles

Head of Department Phil Horspool RH Ground Floor 7854
Assistant Director James Lambert RH305 7853
Presessional A, B, C Director Louise Pullen RH307 7608
Insessional Programme Director Jenny Kemp RH308 7863
Presessional D Director Glynis Scaramuzza PH2.02 7873
Insessional Programme Director Dan Jones RH301B 7868
Teacher Training, Short Courses Director Rachel Abounouar PH2.01 7865
Erasmus & Study Abroad Programme, BA Programme Director Jock McPherson RH306 7862
PG Cert TEAP Programme Leader Dr Christina Lima RH312 7613
Business Manager Robert Crane RH Ground Floor 7856
Programme Administrator Team Leader Micki Wagner-Tsukamoto RH Ground Floor 7857
Programme Administrator Pascale Roussel RH Ground Floor 7859
Programme Administrator Team Leader Ophelia Lu RH Ground Floor 7860
Programme Administrator Sumaiyah Bana RH Ground Floor (252) 2294
International CPD Co-ordinator Reni Vadgama RH Ground Floor (223) 1225

Insessional Course Leaders

EL3000 Undergraduate Glynis Scaramuzza PH2.02
EL7000 Postgraduates and Staff Sue Wallin RH311
EL7005 Postgraduates and Staff (Science)

EL7100 School of Business Ella Cooper RH313
EL7200 Media and Communications Aaron Wise RH301A
EL7300 Education Sue Wallin RH311
EL7500 Law Jenny Kemp RH308
EL7600 Museum Studies Aleks Palanac RH303
EL7700 Postgraduate Researchers Russell Mayne RH307

ELTU Staff A-Z

Abounouar, Rachel PH2.01 7865
Bana, Sumaiyah RH Ground Floor 2294
Cooper, Ella RH313 1940
Crane, Rob RH Ground Floor 7856
Dar, Yasmin RH313 7875
Duncan, Matthew RH309 7866
Grabas, Dagmara RH310 7570
Hinckfuss, Janice RH303 TBC
Horspool, Phil RH Ground Floor 7854
Jones, Dan
Kemp, Jenny RH308 7863
Lambert, James RH305 7853
Dr Lima, Chris RH312 7613
Lint, Matt RH312 7867
Lu, Ophelia RH Ground Floor 7860
Mayne, Russell RH307 7871
McPherson, Jock RH306 7862
Palanac, Aleks RH303 TBC
Pullen, Louise RH307 7608
Roussel, Pascale RH Ground Floor 7859
Scaramuzza, Glynis PH2.01 7873
Stringer Burns, Emma RH310 7874
Timms, Luke RH301A TBC
Turfus, Emily RH311 7872
Vadgama, Reni RH Ground Floor (223) 1225
Wagner-Tsukamoto, Micki RH Ground Floor 7857
Wallin, Sue RH311 7870
Warren, Jenny RH309 7864
Wise, Aaron RH301A (252) 5008

Associate Tutors A-Z

Furr, Andrew
Glover, Sally
Jones, Frances
Kilbon, Jayn
Lukic, Mihaila
Martin, Michael
Richards, Isra
Turner, Alice
Wojcik Justyna

Other Duties and Responsibilities

Departmental IT Contact James Lambert RH305 7853
Data Protection Officer Vacant
Equality Representative Vacant
Fire Safety Officer Jock McPherson RH306 7862
First aid (Readson House) Jock McPherson RH306 7862
Health & Safety Officer
(Readson House)
Resources Manager Phil Horspool RH Ground Floor 7854
Website Maintainer James Lambert RH305 7853
e-learning development Dr Christina Lima RH312 7613
e-learning development Duncan, Matthew RH309 7866

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