Information and services for University of Leicester staff

This page gives a description of the main activities of the English Language Teaching Unit.

Support for University of Leicester international students

The ELTU can offer support to international students and staff throughout the University of Leicester:

  • Classes in English for specific disciplines
  • Writing tutorials
  • Language testing

We have extensive experience of dealing with the problems which international students and staff may face when studying or working in a UK university. We have helped international students and colleagues from a wide range of academic fields adapt to and cope with the needs and requirements of life in a UK academic environment.

If you need help and advice with your international students, or have a memebr of staff who needs support, please don't hesitate to contact the ELTU.

Presessional Programme

Divided into four terms, the Presessional Programme is a year-round series of courses designed to improve students' English from Intermediate to Advanced level.

Study Skills Course

The Study Skills Course is a three week acclimatisation programme designed to help students adapt to the requirements of studying in the UK.

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