Make the Most of your Masters

During the course of your masters degree, you will not only gain more specialised knowledge related to your subject, but you will also develop your transferable skills and gain more relevant experience. If you’re thinking about applying for jobs or other opportunities, a question you may be asking yourself is ‘how do I stand out from the crowd?’

To support you with your applications, we have put together the Make the Most of your Masters programme – a series of sessions specifically for masters students, designed to help you promote and highlight the benefits of your degree and what you have to offer.

The programme is made up of three different sessions, you don’t need to attend them all, just choose the sessions most relevant to you.

CVs and Cover Letters

Learn how to stand out from other applicants by adapting your CV to suit your level of experience and showcase the benefits of your masters degree.

Applying for PhDs

Thinking about continuing your studies and pursuing a career in research? This session will give you a chance to ask questions and learn more about how to highlight your masters degree in your application.

Advanced Interview skills

If you’re looking to refresh or improve your interview techniques, this session will help you take them to the next level and prepare you for the latest interview styles used by employers.

The programme will run once per semester, so log in to MyCareers to see when the sessions are running next and book your place!

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