How can I gain professional experience while studying?

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates with industry experience. As a student, you can gain professional experience in a number of ways, building your CV throughout your time at University.

Discover the different types of activities and experiences you can undertake here.


Year in Industry

Completing a Year in Industry placement is a fantastic way of enhancing your skills and experience, providing you with the edge to stand out from other graduate applicants in a competitive job market. Check with your school/department if your course offers a Year in Industry option.



Summer Internship

Whatever your career plans are, an internship can provide essential practical experience, and the chance to see if a role/sector is right for you.



Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is an exchange programme lasting one semester or one year and gives you the opportunity to broaden your academic and social horizons whilst enhancing your future career prospects. Contact for more information.


Where to find opportunities

Jobs websites
Check out all of these sites, as they will all have different year in industry/internship opportunities from a range of employers:

N.B. We recommend these websites, however the Career Development Service is not responsible for any content therein.


I’m unsure about my next steps, how can I explore my career options?

Find help on exploring your career options here.

Where can I find a Summer Internship, Year in Industry or Year Abroad?

Visit our Finding Opportunities page to help you get started.

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"My internship has benefited me in a variety of ways... It’s given me a really big insight in terms of what I want to do and where I want to go."