Working in the UK

Working in UKAs an international student, you have a unique set of skills and experiences gained from studying and living abroad that are valued by employers! If you are thinking of working in the UK whilst you’re studying or after you graduate, there is plenty of support available to you.

Working during your studies

Working during your studies can help you to get some practical experience to use on your CV, improve your English, make new friends and contacts for the future, as well as help you to test potential career paths. You can get some part-time work while you are studying through our campus part-time work agency Unitemps.

When applying for a job through Unitemps you will need to submit a CV and Cover Letter. For more guidance, please see our guidance on CVs and Cover Letters. We also recommend that you log into MyCareers and book an Application Coaching appointment before you submit your application.

Working in the UK after graduation

Student CircusIf you are thinking of staying in the UK to work you may find Student Circus a useful resource. This website is for international students looking for graduate roles or internship opportunities within the UK. There are hundreds of opportunities listed, all from employers willing to sponsor the UK Tier 2 visa. You will need to register for an account using your university email address.

For more detailed information about working in the UK after graduation, read our PDF guide here.

Visa Options

Explore visa options for working during and after your studies with the helpful guide from the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA).

Next Steps

  • Log into MyCareers to book a Career Coaching appointment to discuss gaining focused work experience or graduate opportunities.
  • Log into MyCareers to book an Application Coaching appointment to get support with a job application.


How many hours can I work while studying?
It depends on your level of study. Take a look at the Work Restrictions page for more information.

How can I find an employer who will sponsor a Tier 2 visa?
You can find employers willing to sponsor a Tier 2 visa for a graduate job or internship on Student Circus, or you can look on the UK Government’s website to see which employers can sponsor Tier 2 visas.

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