The Miscarriages of Justice Project

The Miscarriages of Justice Project is a student–run initiative seeking to overturn wrongful convictions. Volunteers work on real-world cases where prisoners claim that they are factually innocent, but have exhausted the traditional routes of appeal. Students carry out investigative work to try to establish if a conviction is unsafe, with a view to referring those cases where fresh evidence is unearthed back to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), the statutory body charged with investigating suspected miscarriages of justice.



  • Gain experience researching cases
  • Develop leadership roles
  • Expand their contextual appreciation of the criminal justice system
  • Develop teamwork skills


Skills you could develop

  • Communication
  • Research & Analysing
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Planning & Organisation
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership & Supervising


Eligibility and commitment

This program is available to students who have successfully applied to the position of Legal Researcher or Team Leader. It is open to all students on campus, but those within the Law or Criminology program have an advantage, as do those with a research background and personal interest in correcting miscarriages of justice.

Legal Researchers and Team Leaders must be able to attend all meetings.


Dates of Activity

  • Applications for Legal Researchers are due the second week of October
  • Weekly meetings begin the mid-final week of October
  • Weekly meetings take place every Wednesday from mid-final week of October on through until early May, with breaks occurring during every holiday time


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