Example Role Play Scenarios

Below are five scenarios that you may wish to use to practise with: 1) Internal negotiating 2) Angry Customers 3) Consulting with a client 4) Difficult/vulnerable patient 5) Sales

1. Internal Negotiation
You have been working for the firm for 6 months. You are part of a team and enjoy the work but you feel you’ve not been given the same opportunities that others who have different managers have had. There always seem to be excuses from your manager. You feel there have been many broken promises. Others have had regular performance reviews, action plan, projects to work on, and extra responsibility and been forward for training. You have a meeting coming up with your manager and want to resolve this. You want to persuade your manager to give you the opportunities and have a tied down action plan. You want monthly reviews, action plan, work on project x, and have time to shadow others.

2.  Angry Customer
You are a graduate trainee working in the customer relations team for a large retail firm, a customer has come into speak to a member of staff to make a complaint. They are threatening to go to a consumer watchdog. Your objective is to resolve the issue with minimum financial and reputation damage to the company.

3. Consulting
You are a consultant who has been with tasked building relations with a client and finding out why their business is failing. You objective is to identify the root cause of problems that the business is experiencing without offending the client and bring this back to the firm to discuss.

4. Difficult/vulnerable patients
You are a doctor/healthcare/social care specialist and you have ran some tests on your patient and they have an illness (you can choose one) and you have to break the news to them and provide further support. You objective is to manage the patient and help them realise their options (operation invasive, exploratory with 6 weeks recovery) as its life threatening

5. Sales
You are doing door to door sales, you want to persuade the next person that opens their door that they should buy a swimming pool. You can come with realistic solutions to overcome any objections.

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