Transferable Skills Framework

What are transferable skills?

These are skills that are developed in one scenario and can be transferred to another, such as communication, teamwork or analytical skills. For example: if you develop communication skills through undertaking a group project within your course, these same skills can then be used in a part-time job or team-based sport.

You can develop transferable skills as you progress through education, employment or training. It is important that you spend time developing your transferable skills, as they are key skills that employers look for, and so are likely to strengthen your chances of securing a graduate role or further study opportunity.

What is the Transferable Skills Framework?

The Transferable Skills Framework was designed in collaboration with several graduate employers, to help students review their skill sets and use appropriate language to explain each skill with evidence. The framework breaks down each skill by explaining the types of behaviours and attributes you should evidence.

How to use the framework

  1. Review the skills you have gained through your previous experiences
  2. Identify the gaps you have in providing one or more good examples for each skill
  3. Identify one or more experiences that you could get involved with to complete the gaps you have in your skill set

Remember your aim is to have at least one or two relevant examples to demonstrate each skill identified in the framework.

Click on each skill in the Transferable Skills Framework for further information and guidance:

Interpersonal Skills Exploration and Implementation Skills Self-Management and Values
Communication Communication Researching and Analysing Researching and Analysing Learning, Improving and Achieving Learning, Improving and Achieving
Teamwork Teamwork Problem Solving and Decision Making Problem Solving and Decision Making Resilience, Adaptability and Drive Resilience, Adaptability and Drive
Leadership Leadership and Supervising Planning and Organising Planning and Organising Enterprising Enterprising

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