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Gaining experience through volunteering or part-time work is essential to developing your transferable skills and building your experience. Viewed favourably by employers, having a range of experience can help you get your foot in the door.

How can I gain experience?

The Career Development Service offers a variety of opportunities for everyone, whatever your interest. These opportunities are available on or near campus, and offer flexibility around your studies and other commitments.

Take a look at the areas below and start building your portfolio of experiences!

The best way to work out what experience is right for you is to review the Transferable Skills Framework. By understanding where you have gaps in your skills, you can select an opportunity to help you develop.

Students' Union

Find out more about the part time work opportunities available through Unitemps – the university’s official student recruitment agency. You can also find paid work opportunities through MyCareers.

SocietiesStudent groups and societies

With over 200 clubs and societies to choose from, there’s a wide range of activities you could get involved with, including sports teams, craft clubs and improv comedy! These can help build all sorts of transferable skills like teamwork, attention to detail and communication, which you are likely to need when applying for graduate opportunities.


Make a DifferenceVolunteering

Whether it’s at a food bank, a youth club or fundraising, volunteering looks great to potential employers, demonstrating key skills such as leadership, problem solving and organisation.

Our Make a Difference Weeks are an opportunity for students to make a positive difference through supporting causes that impact the local community. They are one-off activities that don’t require ongoing commitment, giving you the opportunity to gain experience and support your personal development, well-being and sense of community. Book your place through MyCareers.

The Students’ Union also offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities, which you can access here.

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