Key steps for your first year

Starting university is an exciting new experience! Once you settle into campus life, get to know new faces and learn more about your course, there is a lot more on offer for you to explore. Take a look at some of the exciting opportunities and personal development that will be part of your first year:

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1. Complete the Leicester Award

As part of a core module, the Leicester Award will give you the opportunity to understand your motivations, strengths and development areas, and reflect on your transferable skills.



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2. Identify your transferable skills

Use the Transferable Skills Framework to identify which skills you have already developed, and those you still need to.



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3. Get involved in an extra-curricular activity

Once you know what skills you need to develop, we have a wide range of activities for you to get involved in to build your experience and enhance your skills!





What if I don’t have a plan for my career yet?

Don’t worry, that’s absolutely fine! The Leicester Award and Leicester Award Gold will help you to explore your options, and you’ll have access to both of these within one of your modules during your first and second year. You can also book an appointment with a careers advisor to discuss your options.

What if I already know what I want to do when I graduate?

Great! Use the Transferable Skills Framework to identify which skills you may need and get involved in extra-curricular activities to build your experience. The Leicester Award and Leicester Award Gold will enable you to articulate your skills and help you to apply for professional experience related to what you want to do.

What can I get involved in on campus?

Whatever your interests are, there is something that everyone can get involved in to develop transferable skills, such as part-time work, volunteering and student societies/clubs. Head over to our Get Involved page for more information.

What support do you offer for students with dyslexia or other specific learning difficulty?

The University is committed in providing the right support and access to all our students. Take a look at our accessibility webpage to see what support is available to you.

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