What are my options?

Explore your career optionsBelow we’ve listed some of the more common routes available to you after you graduate. If you want to discuss your options or need any additional support, please book an appointment with us.

Graduate Schemes

A graduate scheme is a structured training programme within an organisation, lasting a set amount of time – normally one to two years. They are often offered by larger organisations and can range from multinational corporations to opportunities in the NHS and Civil Service. Many grad schemes are open to applicants from any degree discipline; in this case, employers will recruit based on your ability to meet the competencies they’re looking for, rather than technical or specialist knowledge.

Graduate Jobs

In comparison, a graduate job is exactly as it sounds a graduate position, often continuing indefinitely and you’ll be thrown straight into your role right from the start. These opportunities tend to appear later in the academic year and throughout the spring and summer, and often have a much shorter recruitment process. Some recruiters advertise their vacancies on graduate job sites, but some only post them on their website, so you may need to do more research to find them.

Postgraduate Study

Whether you want to continue to explore an aspect of your chosen subject in more depth, or you want to gain a professional or conversion qualification, postgraduate study can be a great option.

When you’re researching postgraduate courses, there can be lots to consider – use this resource to help start your search, and get funding information here.

Graduate Internships

If you’re looking to gain experience after graduation, an internship can help you get your foot in the door and explore whether you enjoy a particular role and sector. Internships can be as short as a week or as long as 12 months. If you’re thinking about continuing your studies, you might want to consider a graduate internship to help you gain experience over the summer months.

Starting your own business

Being enterprising is about putting creativity and innovation into action, showing initiative, finding opportunities and adapting to challenges. If you’re thinking about self-employment, the Leicester Innovation Hub can help you develop your ideas, grow your network and find funding and workspace to get you started.

Now that you know what your options are, you’ll need to decide your next steps.

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