Self-AssessmentHow will self-assessment help me explore my career options?

Looking at aspects of yourself such as your strengths, interests and motivations can  ensure that you get off to a good start with your career planning. Understanding your abilities and what drives you will help you to find a job that you enjoy, are good at, and care about!

How do I get started?

Use a self-assessment tool to help you understand more about your strengths, motivations and preferred working style:

Completing the Leicester Award

The Leicester Award will help you to understand your strengths, development areas and motivations, as well as articulate your transferable skills developed through academic studies and previous experiences.

  • Already completed the Leicester Award? Revisit your assessment and what you learned about yourself.
  • If you’re in your final year of study, the FastTrack Programme will be a great way for you to complete your self-assessment. Find out more here.

Reflecting on my skills

You can reflect on your skills using the Transferable Skills Framework. Use the framework to identify the skills that are strengths and that you feel confident with, as well as those that you need to develop and improve.

Once you’ve understood more about yourself we’d recommend you explore your career options.

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