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Why come to the University of Leicester?

Through close collaboration with employers and with stakeholders across the university, we have developed a series of networks, processes and training opportunities to ensure that employability is an institutional pursuit that delivers graduates of an exceptional standard. The Career Development Journey (CDJ) is our flagship delivery mechanism and provides students with the opportunity to understand, develop and enhance their employability. Aside from meeting students that have knowledge, skills and the extra dimension to contribute to your organisation’s success, our opprotunities to engage with students on campus offers recruiters a host of benefits. Whether it’s penultimate year students, finalists, or recent graduates you want to reach, the group(s) you target will be there to meet you.

Making the best use of your time

Following hugely positive feedback from employers over the past three years, we are committed to making sure our events on campus continue to raise the bar even further.

  • Our award winning strategy means that students understand where they are in their personal career development journey, and how meeting employers can help them develop.
  • Student preparation: The University is still the only institution in the UK to have adopted a ‘no prep - no entry’ approach. This means students have to prepare in order to gain access to employer led careers events.
  • Students that have quality conversations: The University of Leicester devotes a significant amount of resource to supporting students’ engagement with employers, making sure you have quality conversations with the right students.

Your Options

There are a number ways you can engage with students on campus. Find out more by clicking through options below:

Advertise a role

Careers Fairs

Skills Sessions

Internships and Placements

If there is something else that you want to discuss, please contact us.

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