The Career Development Journey

Introducing ‘The Career Development Journey’.  On one level, it is a personal guide to help your students work out what they want to do after University and how to get there.  Beneath the surface the Career Development Journey is built on solid foundations, taking a ‘learning and teaching approach’ to providing students with the fundamental knowledge, skills and mind-set to manage their careers and professional development throughout their life-time, in the context of a dynamic 21st century employment market’.

The Learning Objectives of the Career Development Journey

Students will develop the knowledge, skills, motivation and insight to:

•             proactively identify, create and explore relevant career opportunities and take informed decisions

•             manage transferable skill development and professional growth over the course of career

•             promote and present self professionally to employers or institutions

•             perform to potential in selection processes, including promoting their transferable skills

Underpinned with Intended Learning Outcomes:

Each of the ten stages of the journey have specific Intended Learning Outcomes.  Teaching methods and assessments are aligned to these outcomes.

How does it work?

The Journey has common ‘touch points’ for all students in the academic taught curriculum (sessions agreed through ‘Employability Partnership Agreements’), and directs students to extra-curriculum opportunities such as the Leicester Award.  But critically the ethos that underpins the journey is to empower students to discover their own opportunities and importantly learn and progress from these experiences.  From this point of view the Journey is flexible and every journey a student takes will be personal.

How can you help?

It is really important that students know about the journey and engage with it.  You can help with this by:

    1. Simply directing students to our website and the ‘MyCareers’ portal where students can start their Career Development Journey.
    2. Learning more about the Career Development Journey from the student perspective:
    3. Learning more about our Information and Guidance services by reading the Personal Tutor guide


      Are you involved in Employability Initiatives in your department?

      4. If you run Employability Initiatives in your departments, talk to us about how these may link in with The Career Development Journey.

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