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Purple circle, with text reading HEAR: Higher Education Achievement Record If you manage an extracurricular activity it may be eligible for inclusion on the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR).  Students’ academic achievements will automatically be recorded on the HEAR however achievements such as participation in extra-curricular activities, prizes and employability awards, voluntary work and offices held in student union clubs and societies need to be approved and verified by the University of Leicester in order to appear on the HEAR. It is the responsibility of the member of staff in charge of this activity to apply for HEAR recognition.

Who will receive a HEAR and what does it look like?

Undergraduate students starting their degree from 2011 will receive a HEAR.
The HEAR is not currently available to Postgraduate students and students studying in the following departments:

  • School of Medicine
  • Distance Learning
  • Education PGCert and PGCE
  • Lifelong Learning

An example of a HEAR document can be viewed here.

What makes an activity eligible for the HEAR?

As a brief overview for an activity to be eligible it needs to meet the following criteria:

  • It has to be an achievement
  • It has to be verifiable by a member of staff
  • It cannot be recognised anywhere else on the HEAR (so cannot be part of academic curriculum or be recognised, in whole or part, in another recognised HEAR activity)

The full list of criteria that an activity must meet is given in the HEAR Guidance for Staff document which can be found in the downloadable HEAR Activity Application Pack.

There are currently more than 150 activities that are recognised on the HEAR, a list of which can be viewed here.

How do I apply for inclusion of an activity on the HEAR?

If your activity meets the criteria for HEAR eligibility the next step is complete a HEAR Activity Approval Form and send this to the HEAR Approval Panel via email to hear@le.ac.uk. This form along with guidance on how to complete it can also be found in the HEAR Activity Application Pack.

What are my responsibilities if my activity is included on the HEAR?

If your activity is successfully approved for inclusion on the HEAR, the HEAR Contact for your activity, often the Activity Lead, will be responsible for the following:

  • Advertising the activity and recruiting students to take part
  • Recording the students taking part in the activity
  • Checking if students have achieved the completion criteria for this activity
  • Recording this data on the HEAR spread sheet  and providing the Careers Development Service with this information.

The HEAR Communication Pack provides more information on this including how to promote the HEAR to students and what students will be required to do to qualify for HEAR recognition.

Further information

If you have any queries regarding this please contact hear@le.ac.uk.

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