Destinations of undergraduate leavers

Overall results for the class of 2016

In the 2015/16 Destinations Survey a response rate of 83.2% (1809) was obtained for Leicester’s home/EU-domiciled, undergraduate leavers. This includes 1787 participating responders (for whom activity is outlined below) and 22 who explicitly refused to participate.

Activity at six months of Leicester undergraduate leavers (home/EU- domiciled):

  • 50.7% Full-time work
  • 9.0% Part-time work
  • 10.4% Work & further study
  • 21.4% Full-time study
  • 0.8% Part-time study
  • 3.9% Unemployed- still seeking
  • 0.8% Unemployed - due to start
  • 3.0% Other*

*Other includes taking time out for travelling, permanently unable to work, temporarily sick, retired, or looking after the home or family.

2015/16 Graduate Destinations report (University of Leicester staff only)

This report contains information relating to the University’s home- and EU-domiciled undergraduate class of 2016.  This includes college and subject area statistics on employment activity, job type and salary.  The report also includes metrics on employment and highly skilled employment that are of particular interest to UK HE funding bodies and the compilers of UK league tables.

Historic Data

2015/16 Graduate Destinations (you will need to log in to view this)

The report contains 2015/16 University of Leicester data for first-degree, full-time, Home/EU-domiciled leavers with 2014/15 comparator data. In order to provide more meaningful destinations data the report contains additional information for the University and specific subject areas including: occupational classification of those entering work; employment basis of those entering work; type of qualification of those embarking on further study; and post-graduate progression.
National comparator data is available via the DLHE Dashboard: First Degree.

Further information

Detailed information, down to course-level, on the destinations of home-domiciled, full-time, first degree graduates is provided through the DLHE Dashboard: First Degree.  This interactive report, which includes sector comparator statistics, enables staff to navigate through the DLHE data from their desktop.  Data for 2014/15 is currently available with the information for the class of 2016 to be made available as part of scheduled upgrades to the DLHE dashboard taking place during the summer of 2017.

The DLHE Dashboard: First Degree has been developed by the Career Development Service in collaboration with the Planning Office.  It is an output from the DLHE Reporting project, which aims to support dissemination of graduate destinations information across the University.   Please see the DLHE Dashboard webpage for further information, including details of how to access the dashboard.

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