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The Career Development Service is made up of people with an incredible amount of experience from all sectors and sizes of organisations, we’re able to provide you with insight into a wide range of careers.

In fact our team were delighted to have been awarded twice by graduate employers for having the best strategy for preparing students for work after Uni.

We form a part of the Student and Academic Services and are currently based in the Charles Wilson Building.

AGCAS 2017 Winner

Why speak to us

You’ve invested in your future by coming to study here, and when you’ve finished you’ll want to be able to successfully secure a job, further study or any other opportunity which interests you.

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We want to ensure you’re equipped with the skills, knowledge and confidence to find and make the most of opportunities during and after Uni.

With this in mind, we’ve designed a range of activities and methods to help you do this, which are built into The Leicester Award, your personal development programme for making the most of your time at Leicester and getting you where you need to be afterwards.

Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, now is the time to use us. Book an appointment to see us, or find out how to call or email here.

What we do

We seek to equip every Leicester student with the skills, knowledge and confidence to find and make the most of opportunities during and after uni. We work with your Department and College to provide Career Development within your course, and we also invite every Leicester student to complete certain activities as they progress through their career journey.

At each stage we also offer a range of other exciting opportunities to build skills and experience to help you to really stand out from the crowd.  You can find out about all of these activities here. These include a range of activities from Peer Mentoring, Sports, DofE and Volunteering to name a few. To find out more about what to expect when volunteering, take a look our guidelines to help you get the most out of your experience.

To find out more about the level of service we provide to you and other university stakeholders, please see our Statement of Service for further information.

Why we do it

The University’s legacy is based on the success of its graduates, so whatever you choose to do after uni we want you to be able to lead a successful career and to take pride in the fact that you are a University of Leicester graduate.  You've chosen to study at Leicester, so we want to give you the best student experience and career support.

What we believe

What makes us a unique and award winning Career Development Service is our belief in some key guiding principles which are incorporated into every activity we run.  Here’s what they are and why they’re important to us:

  • Quality services which make a big impact – We’re committed to deliver the very best services to you as a student at Leicester, and our activities are designed to make a big impact to your personal and professional development.
  • Helping everyone at the University of Leicester – We really do want to reach out and help all students at this University.  We believe every Leicester graduate should leave equipped to manage their career, make the most of opportunities and stand out from the crowd.  So whether you’re right at the beginning of your journey, or well on your way, we aim to help you.
  • Preparing and reflecting, or ‘No prep-no entry’ – We want to make the most of the time we have with you, which is why for each activity we run we ask for you to do some form of preparation.  If you don’t do this ‘prep’ there’s a good chance we won’t let you take part in the activity, because we don’t want to waste your time. Likewise, we also believe in the importance of reflecting on your experiences afterwards, so you understand the skills and knowledge you’ve developed and how you might explain them to someone (like an employer).   So through all of our activities you’ll be asked to reflect on what you’ve done.
  • Professional behaviour, or ‘3 strikes rule’ - All the activities we run are based on preparing you for your career, and in the world of work turning up late for a meeting or simply not turning up at all without letting people know just won’t be accepted.  That’s why, if you miss three appointments and/or sessions without cancelling, or you miss one event run by an outside employer, you could be excluded from making any further appointments and/or sessions with us.  If you’ve signed up for one of our activities but can’t make it that’s fine but we ask you to cancel beforehand.  You can find out more about this rule here.

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