Social media for alumni

Creating Social Media Groups

All departments are welcome to set up and run social media groups, such as Facebook pages and LinkedIn groups.

We are very keen to stay in contact with all of our alumni and you will appreciate how important social media groups can be in achieving this end.

For this reason, we would be grateful if you would support us by reminding your group members that they are also very welcome to join the University’s official Alumni Group.

When your group is set up, please could you include a link to the official University Alumni Group to the effect of the following:

Join the official group for alumni of the University of Leicester. Now a community of over 2,500 members, the group is endorsed and co-managed by the University's Development and Alumni Relations Office. Alumni from all over the world and all professional backgrounds are very welcome.”

Promotion of Social Media Groups

The Alumni Relations team is pleased to promote new alumni groups via their E-newsletters. This information is circulated to over 22,000 alumni (Undergraduates and Postgraduates).

Alumni E-newsletters are published on a quarterly basis. If group organisers wish to pass on the URL of their group to along with some accompanying text, the Alumni Relations team can arrange its promotion.

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Information for alumni and supporters

These pages are aimed at University of Leicester staff. Information for alumni and supporters is on the main Alumni and Supporters website.

The main site also has a list of staff in the Development and Alumni Relations Office.

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