FAQs for Collecting Belongings from University Managed Accommodation

Arranging a Courier Service to Collect Your Items

When can I collect my belongings?

You will be able to collect your belongings from 18th May 2020. You will need to ensure that you book a slot to do this. Please check your student email account regularly in order to access the link to the information and booking form.


Will I be able to access to my room to collect my belongings?

No. All access to buildings had been removed. You will only be able to gain access through booking a slot and following the instructions.


What if I just turn up to collect my belongings?

You may have a wasted journey. We have allocated booking slots in order to prepare for your arrival to collect your belongings. There may currently be key workers or others who are isolating in your flat, therefore we need to ensure that we manage the collection of your belongings in order to ensure the safety of everyone.


How many people can come with me to collect my belongings?

We would advise that if you can drive that you come on your own or, if not, with one other member of your household. The booking slot should provide you with enough time for one person to collect all belongings and hand back their key.


How do I book a slot to collect my belongings?

You will be sent an email with a link to the booking instructions. This will go to your University account. Booking slots will be released over a period of three weeks.


What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring photo id, which can be your student card, drivers licence, passport, or national identity card. If you have not already returned your room key and/or fob you will need to bring this along to so that you can return it to the reception team once you have finished emptying your room.


Are there any restrictions to collecting my belongings?

You should not attend site if you or anyone with you has COVID-19 symptoms, or is shielding. You should not attempt to collect your belongings if you have not booked a slot.


Can someone collect my belongings on my behalf?

There will be opportunity in the booking process to specify who will be collecting your items on your behalf. They will need to show photo id and also return your room key and fob once they have finished collecting your belongings.


I do not want to collect my items; you can dispose of them.

If you do not want to collect your items please let us know by emailing accommodation@le.ac.uk and we will dispose of your items for you.


Where do I park to collect my belongings?

Instructions on parking will be provided when you book your slot.


I am not in the UK currently, and I will not be able to collect my items. What do I do?

We understand there are additional challenges faced by our students who are currently overseas. We will be providing further guidance on this in a separate communication. Please check your student email regularly.


I am unable to collect my belongings because I am shielding

We understand there are additional challenges faced by students who are shielding. We will be providing further guidance on this in a separate communication. Please check your student email regularly.


What happens if I miss my booking slot?

You will need to re-book using the online form for another date. We cannot rearrange your booking slot for later in the day or another day.


I have remaining items of post to collect, what do I do?

Please make sure you check your emails for any correspondence regarding post. Have your post reference codes ready for the accommodation team so they can retrieve all items of post for you when you return to clear your belongings.


I have cleared my room and returned my key but I still have items of post to collect.

You can arrange for someone else to collect your item of post. You will need to email accommodation@le.ac.uk providing permission for someone else to collect your post on your behalf. We also can assist you with forwarding post onto via parcel delivery companies, you will need to email the accommodation office to arrange this.


Will I need to collect perishable food items?

Please be aware that our Housekeeping teams have removed any perishable items from your kitchens. In addition you may find items removed from cupboards and moved onto kitchen tables and countertops. We have not removed any non-perishable items from kitchens.


I have a bike in halls, when do I need to remove it by?

When returning to halls please remember to remove your bike from our bike sheds or racks. Please make sure you have removed your bike from halls by the end of your original contract end date, we will be donating any remaining bikes left in our halls after that date.

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