Maintenance Form

Please use this form to report any faults or maintenance problems with your university accommodation.

Your request will be given a priority - see priority definitions below. The matter will be dealt with in-house wherever possible. An outside contractor will be arranged if required. You will be kept informed of progress.

Urgent or emergency issues should be raised with site reception or security.

If you are a resident at Opal Court, please use the building procedure and contact your site reception.

Please do not complete a paper copy in addition to this request


If you report to us the need for a repair in the accommodation, we have the right to enter the accommodation to inspect and/or undertake the repair at reasonable hours of the day without having given you advance notice of our visit.

If you are not in the Accommodation when we call on a visit that we have either arranged in advance or which arises as a result of you having reported a repair to us, you agree that we may enter the accommodation, using our duplicate key. For more information on access and inspections please read you Terms and Conditions of Residence.


Priority Definitions.

Priority A – Emergency Repairs: These repairs are those which if unattended
would cause a danger to health, a risk to the safety of the residences
or serious damage to the building. We aim to attend to these
within 24 hours of becoming aware of the problem. Depending on the nature of the
issue it may take longer to deal with.

Priority B – Urgent Repairs: Repairs which affect the comfort or convenience
of the resident/s. We aim to deal with these within five working
days of becoming aware of the problem.

Priority C – Non Urgent day-to-day repairs: These are reactive repairs
which do not fall into either of the above categories and which can wait a
short while before they are dealt with. We aim to deal with these within
twenty eight working days of becoming aware of the problem.

Priority D – Planned maintenance programme: These would be desirable
improvements which would be considered in the programme of major
work planned by the university

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