Policies and Procedures

Terms and Conditions

When you sign your accommodation contract you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 2020/21

Terms and Conditions 2019/20

Complaints and Feedback

We are committed to providing a high level of customer service. We work hard to ensure an excellent experience for all students who are living with us and are continuing to develop and improve our services. All feedback is extremely important to us. With over 4,000 residents living with us, it is inevitable that from time to time maintenance issues, community issues and complaints will arise in our accommodation.

Find out more about our Complaints Procedure.

Student Resident Complaint Form

Compensation Policy

Where issues with buildings and facilities have occurred and we have been informed, we will make every effort to provide a reasonable alternative, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Residence. If no reasonable alternative can be offered then a rent rebate may be paid.

Find out more about our Compensation Policy.

Damages and Charges

We know accidents and damages happen when living in university accommodation but anything you break or damage needs to be fixed and paid for. All residents have a responsibility to keep their accommodation clean and tidy without causing damage, including communal areas. Full details can be found in the terms and conditions of residence under the section ‘Your Responsibilities’.

Find out more about Damages and Charges

Withdrawal and Cancellation

If you are considering withdrawing from accommodation, we will arrange a meeting with the Residence Life Team to support you with your decision.

Find out more about cancelling your accommodation


Students allocated a room in University accommodation may apply to transfer to another room or a different site by contacting the Accommodation Team.

Find out more about room transfers

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