Cleaning of residences 2017/18

The University arranges an assisted cleaning service of the following areas:

  • communal entrance lobbies
  • communal bathrooms and toilets
  • circulation areas
  • staircases and lifts

The University arranges cleaning of social spaces including:

  • The Village Hub
  • Facilities Building
  • Beaumont social and study space
  • Digby hall social and study space
  • Oadby food court
  • Laundrettes
  • Mary Gee Common Room
  • Nixon Court Common Room
  • Freemen's Common Room

External (grounds) cleaning is also provided

Cleaning within kitchens, bedrooms and ensuite facilities is not provided.

Cleaning Frequency Definitions

Cleaning Frequency Definition
Every day Monday to Sunday
Week days every day Monday to Friday, not includiong Bank Holidays or University Closure Days, between 9.00am - 17.00pm
Once weekly Once a week (normally a set day), not including Bank Holidays or University Closure Days
Twice weekly Twice a week, not including Bank Holidays or University Closure Days
Monthly Once a month
Termly Once a term


Cleaning Frequencies

AreaCleaning Frequency
Entrance Lobbies Twice Weekly
Communal Bathrooms/ Toilets Twice Weekly
Circulation areas Twice Weekly
Staircases Twice Weekly
Lifts Twice Weekly
Laundrettes Twice Weekly
Food Court Every Day
The Village Hub Every day
Facilities Building Week days every day
Beaumont social and study spaces Week days every day
Digby social and study spaces Week days every day
Nixon Common Room Week days every day
Freemen's Common Room Week days every day
Mary Gee Common Room Week days every day

Your cleaning responsibilities

You are expected to keep communal entrance lobbies, communal bathrooms/toilets and staircases free from litter and in good order.

You are responsible for cleaning your room, the kitchen, bath/shower rooms and any other areas within the flat or house. If you need help dividing up chores, we can supply you with a blank cleaning rota with a suggested division of duties.

You are supplied with basic cleaning equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, mop, bucket, dustpan and brush. We can supply you with replacement vacuum cleaner bags and food recycling bags.

As part of the regular checks conducted by the Facilities Team cleaning standards are monitored. Charges may be incurred if your accommodation is not kept to an acceptable standard.

You are expected to ensure that any immediate grounds are kept free of litter.

You should ensure good hygiene practices by regularly cleaning fridges, freezers and ovens. We may dispose of out of date food and drink if required.

All residents are responsible for the removal of rubbish, recycling and bottles to the outside bin/recycling points.

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