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Living in University accommodation is about much more than the four walls you sleep in, it’s about an all-round experience which gives you the chance to make new friends, enjoy yourself, learn new skills and study within your residence. You also need people around for those times when things aren’t going quite so well.

The Residence Life team is responsible for providing all of this. Our Residence Life programme helps you in the following ways:

Support your transition

Living in Halls is great but for most of our students it’s very different to what they’re used to. The Residence Life team helps you to settle in quickly, make friends and start to enjoy your new life. We provide loads of events throughout the year so you can socialise with fellow residents and try new hobbies.

We also offer opportunities to learn some new skills, such as cooking and cleaning, the sort of things you might never have done before, but which you’ll definitely need in the future!

Support your studies

We also provide opportunities for you to develop your study skills. University is different to school or college. You’ll be expected to study independently and pursue your own avenues of enquiry. The way you’re asked to present your work is different too. We work with colleagues across the University to give our residents the chance to learn these skills within the comfort of their own residence. The Residence Life team also works tirelessly to ensure that noise levels are kept at an appropriate level, with a 24 hour no noise policy during exam periods, so everyone can get the peace and quiet they need to study or gain much needed sleep.

Help you through the difficult times

It’s perfectly normal for our residents to have moments when they struggle with university life, and when you need some additional support, even if it’s just a cup of tea and a chat, the Residence Life team is on hand to provide it. It’s often all someone needs to feel better about their situation so they can go back to enjoying student life. If we can’t help, we signpost residents to the University’s specialist support services who are better qualified to assist.

Provide opportunities to enhance your CV

When you live in Halls you will have a number of opportunities to gain experiences which you can add to your CV and ultimately make you more employable. You can get involved in our charity and volunteering work, or you can even become a member of the Residence Life team yourself, typically in your second or third year.

Enjoy yourself!

You’ll want to live somewhere which is safe, secure, comfortable and pleasant, but ultimately, you’ll want to have fun as well. Our range of events means that there is something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in arts, sport, games, quizzing or anything else, we will have something for you. The ideas from our events programme come directly from our residents so if you’d like to do something and you don’t see it on the programme, let us know and we’ll try to provide it. Many of our events take place in our recently refurbished Village Hub.

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