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If you want to enjoy great tasting, great value food, or if you just find the idea of having to cook for yourself quite daunting, our meal plan could be the perfect option for you. With access to food in a variety of outlets on campus and in the Oadby Student Village, our meal plan gives you the flexibility to enjoy student life.

Here are ten reasons why you should opt for the meal plan:

1. No need to worry about a weekly food shop or preparing meals after a long day of lectures.

2. Learn valuable life skills and manage your money throughout each term.

3. Gain access to exclusive offers, available to Meal Plan holders only.

4. Enjoy socialising over food, eating with your friends and meeting new people.

5. Eat delicious food every day made by our award winning chefs.

6. Choose from a range of outlets and wide variety of cuisines, including vegetarian and gluten free options.

7. Plan your day however you want. Whether you’re on campus or in Oadby Student Village.

8. Top up your account with extra money whenever you need to.

9. Manage your meals in a way that suits you. All of our kitchens are equipped with cupboard space and a microwave, so you have the option to prepare simple meals as well.

10. You are in control. The money in your account rolls over into each term and even the next academic year, meaning you don’t waste a penny.

How it works

You will receive your food allowance in three instalments in line with the start of each term. You’ll gain valuable experience in how to budget to make your money last, but if you do run out you’ll still have the option of adding money to your account. Your parent/ guardian can even top-up your allowance from home!

It’s easy for you to keep track of the money you spend with our Meal Plan app- Upay Chilli. Pay in our outlets using your smartphone and never worry about having to carry cash around. You can view your balance, loyalty points and keep up to date with the latest offers.

Budgeting your Meal Plan

You are in control of how you spend your money. Our Meal Plan offers you the flexibility to budget your allowance in a way that suits you. Our roll over system means that you never lose any money with our Meal Plan, if you have any money left over it will remain in your account until you spend it. We’re giving you the chance to budget around your calendar, so if you do decide to eat out one night, or go home for a weekend then you don’t lose out. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn how to budget, so when it comes to your later years at university, you’ll be a pro!

Where to use the meal plan

You can use the Meal Plan in all outlets across campus as well as Oadby Student Village, giving you a great choice of food every day. Our brand new food court at the Oadby Student Village also brings a wide variety of cuisines to your doorstep and our award winning Executive Head Chef designs delicious menus to cater for all tastes and dietary requirements. We pride ourselves on being the first ever UK university to have Coeliac UK accreditation.

Accommodation with the Meal Plan included

Some of our accommodation comes with the Meal Plan included in your rent. The flexibility of the Meal Plan means that you can manage your allowance however you want. All sites with the Meal Plan included have small kitchenettes fitted with combi-ovens or microwaves and cupboard space, meaning that you also have the option to prepare simple meals and snacks.

Enjoy the Meal Plan even if you’re self-catered!

If you like the sound of the Meal Plan, but prefer the look of our self-catered accommodation, the Meal Plan can be added as an option to self-catered contracts. You can buy the annual meal plan up front or per term using the links below.

Accommodation Meal Plan

Accommodation Meal Plan- Term 1 only


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