Being assessed for dyslexia at university

Students who already know that they are dyslexic

Please see the information for students with existing dyslexia reports. Dyslexic students may be required to provide an up-dated assessment report in order to apply for a Disabled Students Allowance.  For assistance in arranging an up-dated assessment, please contact the AccessAbility Centre. 

Students who think they might be dyslexic

A number of students do not realise that they are dyslexic until they get to university. At this stage, difficulties which they may have experienced before and been able to deal with, become more pronounced. This can happen at any stage, including postgraduate level.

If you have any concerns, make an appointment in the AccessAbility Centre.  

You will be offered the opportunity to take an online screening test. This test will indicate whether you are at risk of dyslexia.  If you are at risk, a Study Adviser will meet with you to talk about any difficulties you are experiencing.  The Study Adviser might then suggest that you be referred to an Educational Psychologist or specialist assessor for a full assessment. 

Some students experience visual disturbance that needs to be investigated by an optometrist, so it is important that you have an up-to-date eye test before your assessment. 

The Dyslexia Assessment process will be explained to you at the end of your meeting. 


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