Coursework Adjustments that have been used before

Coursework Adjustments that have been used before

The following adjustments have been made for different people at different times.  They are listed in approximate order of frequency of use.  The most frequently used adjustments are first.

  1. Presentations can be omitted but more often the student does the preparation but does not actually stand up in front of all their peers to deliver it.  Instead the student delivers it to the tutor and one other member of staff only.  Some students have made a video of their presentation and shown that.  In group presentations the student with AS might deliver just a few sentences or one power point slide, then other students in the group deliver the rest.  Sometimes the AS student’s group delivers the presentation to each other and staff only.
  2. Increased proportion of Oral assessment for those who struggle to record their ideas in writing. 
  3. Group work has been omitted for some students who are given smaller individual tasks instead.
  4. Additional examinations instead of large pieces of coursework.
  5. Students have devised their own ideas for a short piece of research or small project so that they understand the purpose of it and so are motivated to do it.  To maintain high standards the technical quality of their ideas has to be checked by their supervisor and others in the department. 
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