Academic organisation

At University students are expected to organise themselves and their work.  They are expected to get the balance between study and relaxation right.  However there are some difficulties.

For example, as well as having to keep on top of weekly or fortnightly tasks you have to manage your work to meet major deadlines that come all together towards the end of term or just after a holiday break. 

Using a calendar or diary to plan your progress through all this work load can be very important!

It helps if you can plan backwards from a deadline to a start date for each piece of work.  You must allow enough time for reading and writing each assignment.  

If possible do some pieces of work early, then do others on schedule.  It is important to do your best to meet all deadlines. 

If you cannot start any of work early, because the learning/material you need is not taught until the last few weeks of the modules, you must speak with or email your Personal Tutor, or your mentor, or your Study Adviser. 

You really should tell your  Study Adviser or  Personal Tutor if you have problems with organising your work load.


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