Recognising when you should ask for help

Realising that you need help and asking for it can be very hard for people with AS/asd.  The following list is not exhaustive, but does report the most common symptoms of stress and needing help.

o    You are isolated and unhappy, spending a lot of time in your room feeling
o    You are not eating meals.
o    You are avoiding the other students in the same flat.
o    You cannot get enough sleep.
o    You prefer to eat your meals alone, but the same people always sit with you
      and make you feel uncomfortable.
o    You have run out of clean clothes and cannot go to lectures.
o    You are having panic attacks or are withdrawing.
o    You are always socialising and not getting enough sleep.
o    You are not able to do your work because others are noisy.
o    Certain other students keep on playing practical jokes on you even when
      you ask them to stop.
o    Your food keeps disappearing from the kitchen.
o    You are spending more and more time in your chill / relaxation activity.

These are all things that have happened to other students who needed support and guidance.  The list might not include the sort of problem you experience, but it does try to illustrate the most common problems that students have experienced.  All the problems were solved after the student or their parent asked for help from the AAC.


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