Halls of Residence & Getting Enough Sleep

Communal living with other students is usually an important part of being at university. Doing this for the first time, away from home, can be daunting. Structure and sleep are important, but so is being able to get on socially, to some degree, with the other students. This section has hints and tips to help you. Links to the Pastoral Care Team are included too.

A general overview of Halls of Residence from the perspective of a student with AS.


Getting some structure to each day is important for many people with AS.  Many students find it helps to have a daily timetable that includes work, relaxation, shower or bath and chores (cleaning, shopping and laundry).  Remember to give yourself time to work and to relax.  A Study Adviser or a Residential Adviser can help you sort out a timetable.  Remember to allow time for your chill activity, if you have one, during the wind-down time before sleeping.

Getting enough sleep can be a problem away from home.  If you tend to be nocturnal when stressed, or if you are easily disturbed by other people moving around and making noises, it can be difficult. 

Some students plan ‘naps’ during the day to make sure they get enough sleep.  This is harder for science students who spend a lot of time on campus with laboratory work.  They might need to have a nap in the early evening, or make sure they get a good-lie at weekends.

Most people with AS have a slowing down and chilling period before trying to get to sleep.  Make sure you allow yourself time for this most evenings. 

Remember, if you need it at home, at university you will still need to use a timer and a motivator to help you to stop the chill activity and start getting to bed. 

Sometimes the noise made by others is unreasonable.  Use the Residential Adviser system for reporting noise at night.  Texting a message to the night duty phone number is all you have to do.  If you are able to call and speak to the person on night duty that is ok too.  If you cannot do that, keep a diary log of the incidents and get someone else to report the noise disturbance for you. 

If you do not tell someone about things that distress you, they cannot help.  If you cannot do this sort of reporting or recording, tell your parents/carers or someone you trust at the university.  Ask them to help you deal with the problem.

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