One to One support from a Study Assistant or Post Graduate Mentor

Study Buddy or  Post Graduate Mentor -  this will be someone who is a year or two ahead of you, or a post –graduate student in the same subject area. 

They can help you to understand and meet the new study and assignment expectations, how to find resources, reference your work and make choices within your reading. 

They can help you organise your work load and warn staff if you are getting overloaded.  

They can help you to analyse the academic problems you are experiencing, contact other people who can help, use the on-line electronic study and help facilities.   

They can help you to learn how to use the library too.

The amount of work any one person can do will depend on how much time they have.  The Study Buddy will be a volunteer so there is a limit to what they can be expected to do.  If you need quite a bit of detailed help it will be better for you to see a Study Adviser and Post Graduate Mentor. 

The Buddy / Mentor should receive some training before working with you and have access to on-going advice on AS and working with you. 

The Post Graduate Mentor can help you consolidate your learning or can help you catch up on learning missed because of the anxiety or communication difficulties you experience in a lecture theatre, or other learning environments.

Some students with AS prefer to see one person per module some prefer to see as few different people as possible.  Let the organisers of your support know what you prefer.  

If you do not like, or get on with, the people supporting you, ask for a change of personnel.  This does not mean you can dismiss people because you do not like the advice they give (it might be something you are doing/not doing and you are wrong).  

It does mean that if meeting them is unpleasant and/or they are not giving the help you need in the way that works for you, then they might not be the right person for you.  In this case, the change is reasonable although there may be a delay in finding another person to work with you.


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