The lecture experience

The lecture experience

The lecture experience can be very different to lessons in school or college. Usually the lecturer is at the front talking to the group of students.  They often use PowerPoint presentations but in some subjects they will write on a board as well. For example board work can be used a lot in maths, engineering, physics and computer science. 

The lecturers explain the work as they go along but do not usually answer questions during the lecture.  Usually you are expected to listen, make notes and begin to learn the work all at the same time.  Lecturers are more likely to accept questions at the end of the lecture.  Sometimes you have to arrange to see them later. 

Sometimes help is available through departmental online discussion groups or Help Desks.

Watch this video to see what happens in some lectures.

This lecture is a bit different but useful to look at too.

The lecture room might be small and full or large and very full.  Before a lecture the corridors can be very busy indeed with some people waiting to go in for a lecture and other people trying to leave the one that has just finished. 

Also, not all students behave themselves.  Some can be noisy and not pay attention.  You might need to sit near the front or to the side near a door to get away from them. 

IF you have problems concentrating or following the lectures it is possible to have note taking and/or a digital recorder to help you.  Then in your room, or a quiet area, you can listen to the lecture again with the handouts and extra notes.  

If you want to record the lectures it is important to let the module convenor know.  This is a matter of politeness.  You can use this email to help you contact them

To find the convenor's name you might need to log on to your Blackboard account and go to the module documentation.  IF you cannot do this, ask in the AccessAbility Centre for help.

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