Seminars, tutorials and problem solving classes

•   Usually tutors in seminars, tutorials and problem solving classes expect students to do some ‘private study’ before the session; then in the actual session they discuss the topic/subject with each other.  The person running the seminar might ask questions on the subject and the students have to try to answer them.

Remember:  Problems and Questions do not always have 'one correct answer'.  Often there is no single correct answer, just different opinions that people try to explain and justify.

Often people have a discussion in small groups (less than six), then ‘feed back’ (report back) the key points to the rest of the seminar group.  Small seminar groups might not be subdivided for discussions.

IF you struggle to follow group discussions or to speak out in front of others tell the person in charge so that they can help by

  1. making sure that you know at least one person in the group,
  2. giving you advance warning of one or more of the questions they will be asking, 
  3. only asking you to speak out if they have warned you first
  4. letting you sit it in the same place each time, . 

If you struggle to contact people to explain what you find difficult, get a parent or support person to do this for you. 

 Note taking can be arranged for seminars and tutorials but digital recording might depend on permission from the tutor.



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