The module homeworks, example questions and past papers usually prepare you for the style of questions you will get in the examinations.  Use these to help you revise and practice. 

Some departments put homework, assignments and past papers (some with solutions) on their intranet / Blackboard site or in the library.  These are very useful, you can ‘have a go’ then when you are stuck look at the answer and hints and try again. 

The examinations are used to check that you have learned the material you have been taught and to see if you can apply it to the subject you are studying.  If you are struggling to revise the work, you are usually allowed to ask for help from lecturers.  

If things go wrong you can re-sit an examination, in early September but then the mark is capped at 40%.  If you are ill or, for example, have an accident during the usual examination period AND you have a medical note then the re-sit can be treated as a ‘first sit’.  

Remember most people dislike examinations!  You will not be the only person getting worried.

Usually you have to pass all modules in any year to be allowed to progress to the next year.  Sometimes because of ill health or difficulty adjusting to University life students need to finish off, or repeat a year, before they can start the next year of the course.  This is a nuisance but it is not the end of the world.


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